Social Research

What is social research? Consider these summarized elements:

  • Social research investigates the learned, shared patterns of perception and behavior among a people group. These patterns are story-based and are often differentiated into four basic cultural arrangements.
  • Social research includes: (a) observing human behavior, (b) determining the function of socio/cultural institutions, (c) identifying shared values, and (d) examining core worldview assumptions.
  • It is always empirical, generally in the context of authentic relationships. This means the researcher is “out in the field” doing observation and conducting interviews. Yet, the researcher is also looking a precedent literature that describes what has already been observed.
  • It must be governed by ethics everywhere all the time.
  • It requires a step-by-step process. So, planning is required. It is a science.
  • It involves five major steps:
    • Deciding the research topic(s)
    • Consulting relevant literature
    • Collecting cultural data
    • Analyzing cultural data
    • Writing the results

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