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Robert in Bergen

Growing up in the Dominican Republic in the West Indies, Robert Strauss has lived in an intercultural world since adolescence. With a Doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Biola University’s School of Intercultural Studies in Los Angeles, California, he offers over 35 years of experience in intercultural consulting and instructional design. His post-graduate degree was conferred with Highest Honors (4.00 GPA) and his dissertation was featured during the 25th Anniversary of the School of Intercultural Studies.

Robert has traveled to and/or worked in 20 countries, speaks Spanish and English, and has developed trainers in Ibero-America, India, and Southeast Asia. The focus is on a sustained worldview change through intercultural training that utilizes narrative as a locally familiar form of communication.

In addition to Robert’s extensive work as a practitioner, he is also equally grounded in the academic research which underlies the intercultural field. As a Lead Faculty in Regis University’s Anderson College of Business, Robert facilitates courses in Cultural Intelligence, Program Development and Accountability, and Research Methods. He has a CITI certification in human subject research and is trained in online facilitation at the graduate level. The author of academic journal articles and chapters in books specializing in intercultural communication training, Robert is also the co-editor of a 290-page training manual, written in Spanish, published in 2009 in Cordoba, Argentina. Robert authored a book on worldview expositional storytelling published in 2017, Introducing Story-Strategic Methods: Twelve Steps toward Effective Engagement. With his son Christopher, in 2018, Robert wrote Four Overarching Patterns of Culture: A Look at Common Behavior. In January 2013, Robert was added to the Fulbright Specialist Roster in the field of cultural anthropology. He is a member of the International Academy of Intercultural Research.

October 2016, he became the owner of Global Perspectives Consulting.

Programs of Instruction

The research consultants of Global Perspectives Consulting provide training programs to help leaders excel in global marketplaces. Participants are able to apply a variety of culture general and culture specific skills to all interactions. Global Perspectives has extensive experience performing cross-cultural needs assessment for unique and challenging intercultural environments. Consultants design and deliver culture programs contextualized for local situational needs.

Global Perspectives specializes in cultural competency training for law enforcement. Going beyond traditional approaches to diversity and inclusion, Cultural Competency for Law Enforcement provides a fresh approach to human differences that looks through the lens of culture. Officers, supervisors, and communication staff understand what culture is and how it works. They acquire practical skills in conflict mitigation across cultures.


What Our Clients Say About Our Training Programs

“Dr. Robert Strauss and Elena Steiner provide intercultural training globally and have the best concept I have seen yet for intercultural training delivery to USG military and DOS contractors who are required to work in intercultural settings. My Army Special Forces background with assignments in Iraq, Africa, Haiti, and the Balkans, as well as the intercultural training that I received in the SF training pipeline and graduate school, are the basis for my judgment.”

– Lockheed Martin Corporation Executive

“I had the pleasure to deliver a presentation with Robert during a meeting of SIETAR Argentina. Robert combines outstanding training skills and sound knowledge of the intercultural field, together with an amazingly generous, humble and open approach. He has the ability to explain complex concepts in really simple words. And he can quickly create a warm and safe learning environment for his training participants and colleagues.”

– Natalia Sarro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Dr. Strauss is, without question, a leading expert in the field of intercultural training. His creative androgogical teaching style makes him one of the most effective trainers I have ever seen. I had the privilege of observing Robert conduct training in Bangalore, India. He demonstrated unparalleled expertise in an often challenging cross-cultural training environment. His professional abilities, along with a deep personal integrity, make him an invaluable asset for intercultural training.”

– Charles Matthias, Bangalore, India

“Thank you for bringing us such a wealth of valuable information. I am very pleased with your work and definitely want to have you return to Idaho for ongoing training as we repeat the law enforcement conference in other parts of the state.”

– Margie Gonzalez, Executive Director of the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs