Instructional Design and Delivery

Instructional design and delivery involve the transfer of understanding and skills with a style and in a setting that is effective, easy, and enjoyable. This blog integrates the principles, processes, and practices of the design and delivery of intentional and integral training. Any intervention of training assumes there is a need. Accordingly, the starting point…

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Evaluating Training Across Cultures

Only one time in my professional career did I hear a business executive say he did not believe in training. He told me that he felt people were either born with the skills or were not. We were discussing leadership. Whether he realized it or not, his view was based on “Trait Theory,” an assumption…

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Four Training Outcomes – Global Perspectives Consulting

GPC training programs commonly focus on cultural competency. What are four outcomes of cross-cultural training provided by Global Perspectives Consulting? What is actionable? Reasonable and repeatable given constraints? Measurable? Sustainable? Almost without fail, work units are composed of team members who are from a given locale. They are “locals”. Instinctively, they know what to do and say. Other team…

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