Cultural Competency for Law Enforcement

Going beyond traditional approaches to topics of diversity, inclusion, equity, and implicit bias, Global Perspectives Consulting provides a fresh perspective through the lens of culture rather than politics. The training is facilitated by consultants who are experts in the field of intercultural communication with experience training law enforcement officers.

The training is called Cultural Competency for Law Enforcement (CCLE) and conforms to CALEA Accreditation Standard 1.2.9. It begins with a basic understanding of culture and how its four layers work. The starting point is the topic of culture not diversity. The objective of facilitation is to equip police officers with cultural competencies in real world settings. The aim is not related to political activism. The attitude is one of respect. Ultimately, cultural competencies can be tied to practices of diversity and equity. Throughout the course, applications are made to law enforcement interactions in communities protected and served. A key focus includes how four overarching patterns of culture impact conflict mitigation.

Outcomes are evaluated through early-training assessments, observations, large group interactions, small group discussions, case studies, Q&A sessions, and post-training evaluations.

Cultural Competency for Law Enforcement was provided to the Little Rock Police Department during 2017–2019

For referrals about this GPC training program, contact Major Crystal Young-Haskins, Little Rock, Arkansas Police Department 12th Street Division Commander or Chief Kenton Buckner, Chief of the Syracuse, New York Police Department.

To discuss how CCLE might benefit your law enforcement department, use the Contact Us page to make an inquiry. GPC looks forward to serving you and equipping officers for more effectiveness across cultures.