Intercultural Training for CCL Executive Coaches

Dr. Angela Edwards and Dr. Robert Strauss recently facilitated a series of five intercultural trainings for executive coaches with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). The topic of one 90-minute session was entitled, “GLOBE Styles of Leadership: Toward a Global Perspective”. Approximately 70 coaches from all over the world participated in the WebEx-based training. Dr. Edwards is a Global Leadership Consultant for GPC and Dr. Strauss is Owner.

One participant, Dr. Robert Roehrich of Roehrich & Associates LLC, wrote, “Kudos to Angela and Robert on today’s webinar! From my perspective it was one of the best in the CCL Continuing Education series. I especially appreciated the interplay of your styles and the manner in which you stimulated the audience to participate. I am sure there will be continuing dialogue as a result today’s emphasis on the impact of cross-cultural awareness to enhance our coaching effectiveness. Thank you for a stimulating professional experience!”

Dr. Roehrich’s feedback echoes that of several others. Participants observed “teamwork” between the two facilitators and shared that they were “inspired” by the training experience. Interestingly, the GLOBE study found that the two styles that are most effective globally are “team-oriented” and